With cyber crimes on the rise, make sure you keep your company protected with a Business Insurance Policy.

According to a recent study conducted by the Ponemon Institute, a research group that studies Internet security found that cyber crimes are becoming more frequent and in turn, are costing businesses more money.  The study found that the most expensive cyber crimes were denial of service, Web-based attacks, malicious code and malicious insiders.  Attacks are also taking longer to resolve on average and are costing more, more than $ 415,000 per attack, up from more than $247,000 in 2010.  \”The bad guys are getting stealthier, and their attacks are getting harder to detect,\” Ponemon said.

This world isn´t perfect, especially not in the virtual world.  Viruses and cyber attacks can occur at any moment.  However, physical destruction to your own company is unpredictable as well as can be dangerous.  As a business owner, you are faced with risk factors on a regular basis.  Having a healthy commercial insurance plan with us will greatly diminish your chances of suffering from major loss.  Among the commonly required policies our agency offers are Group Health & Life Insurance, Workers Compensation, Employers Liability, and many more.

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