February is Heart Health Awareness Month February is Heart Health Awareness Month

Each year, an estimated 17 million people due from heart disease. What exactly is \”heart

disease?\” The term is used to describe a range of ailments that affect the heart. The various
illnesses that fall under the umbrella of heart disease include unhealthy blood vessels, such as
coronary artery disease: heart rhythm problems, heart infections and congenital heart defects,
which can be detected at birth.

Heart disease is largely preventable. Leading a \”heart healthy\” lifestyle puts an emphasis on
healthy eating and exercise. Even small changes can bring about big results. And, if you smoke
– quit.

Through Heart health Awareness Month, Henderson Insurance wants to remind you to make
healthier living a priority and encourages you to take proactive steps to control the factors that
put you at greater risk for heart disease. By choosing to make our own lives healthier, we can
positively influence those around us.

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